<Stupidity Clause>
If you don't know what a "character" is then this is not for you.
No, we are not interested in hosting an 3133t warez website for you,
no we do not give out shell accounts or e-mail addresses to complete strangers.

</Stupidity Clause>


Quite simply connect to discordia.duh.com port 4201. Type 'info' to get the real directions. If you don't know how to do this you should find a newbie mush.

Don't bother listing an e-mail address from one of these sites. You won't get a character.

aol.com angelfire.com bigfoot.com compuserve.com geocities.com gurlmail.com
hotbot.com hotmail.com juno.com mailcity.com mailexcite.com microsoft.com
rocketmail.com tripod.net usa.net webtv.com yahoo.com